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ICT support services for your school

ICT Network Support Services for Schools was formed with the aim of providing a proactive ICT support service to primary schools. We work in partnership with each school to develop a cost effective tailored program fully around their ICT support needs.

ICT Network workforce has many years experience of supporting ICT networks, specifically schools. We are aware of the inherent problems they face on a daily basis and pride ourselves on our excellent service levels.

ICT Support & Services
Our service is designed for schools who require ICT support but cannot justify the expense of a full-time technician. With our support and advice we can make your job far more manageable and alleviate the daily stresses and strains of technical burdens. We can tackle your computer problems over the phone, direct dial into your network or fix them on the spot at your site. Our support provided to your school is non-committal as there is no contract to sign, our contract is purely verbal. We see no reasons why any school should commit themselves  to a service that is largely unknown to them. If our service is not up to your expections then simply cancel the service without any notice period. We work on 3.5 hourly basis resolving any IT issues. This means you may opt for as many 3.5 hour slots as you like, eg  3.5 hours per week, 3.5 hours per fortnight.

Technician Services
We can relieve you from the technical issues in school, allowing you to concentrate your time and energy into the teaching of ICT within and across the curriculum.
We can also help with discussions about further ICT developments and advise and guide you in the right direction. The format of the service is regular visits to your school depending on your requirements.

Telephone Support
We provide a single point of contact to offer schools a prompt response to their problems or queries.

If your ICT support needs are specific, then you may want to ask us about how we might support your ICT curriculum through professional development of teachers and other staff or equally how we might provide the vital technical advice and support by staff with particular experience of school needs and equipment that is of increasing importance today. For more details on the services provided, please email or call our friendly staff. Please Click here

Products & Supplies
Hardware, Peripherals, Software and Consumables
Whether it be a new installation, modifying an existing network infrastructure or the repair of faulty components we have numerous contacts with suppliers to ensure you pay the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality.

We are able to provide advise on the products and supplies that your school should be looking to purchase to best meet your needs.

Have many different make and model of printers on site no problem, let us take the strain out of purchasing consumables. Get in touch and we will get you the lowest prices available with minimum fuss. ICT Network do not recommend the use of refilled consumables for Inkjet or Laser printers due to problems we have seen them cause, which include reduced quality output and damage to printer heads.

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