In these terms and conditions the following words shall have the following meanings unless inconsistent with the context;
"ICT Network Solutions" means ICT Network Solutions ABN 92 915 542 493 and includes technicians, employees, agents and contractors;
"Conditions" means these conditions or provision of goods or services;
"Contract" means any contract pursuant to which products and/or services are supplied or to be supplied by ICT Network Solutions to the customer and computer software incorporated therein is licensed or to be licensed by ICT Network Solutions for use by customer;
"Customer" means the person or company to whom Products and/or Services are supplied and includes that company's successors and permitted assigns;
"Products and/or Services" means the products and/or services supplied by ICT Network Solutions to the Customer pursuant to a Contract and specified on the invoice dispatched by ICT Network Solutions;
"we/us/our" means  ICT Network Solutions;
"you/your" you being the person(s) whose orders for the products and services is accepted by us;
"Party" and "Parties" means severally and not jointly ICT Network Solutions and/or the customer as the context requires;

ICT Network Solutions Quotation Terms and Conditions

ICT Network Solutions hereby offers for sale the goods and/or services covered by this Quotation, and sale of any such goods and/or services shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, which supersede and replace all prior terms, conditions, proposals or quotations exchanged by the parties, written or verbal. Any additional or different terms already or hereafter proposed by client are objected to by ICT Network Solutions without need of further notice of objection, and will not be binding upon ICT Network Solutions unless specifically agreed to in writing signed by ICT Network Solutions. In the event ICT Network Solutions not notified of customer's acceptance within the set limit of expiry days, this Quotation Form shall lapse and be considered null and void.

1. Quote is valid for 15 days only. Expiry dates on quotes are set to be able to inform us when the quote is still active or to be discarded.

2. Once a quote has been confirmed by ICT Network Solutions, then the prices in the quote will be confirmed as the final agreed price. A quote is confirmed as 'final' as soon as ICT Network Solutions and the customer both agreed with the final price after any last changes requested by customer.

3. The price in the final quote may vary from the original request if there is any price or product change requested by customers. ICT Network Solutions reserves the right to alter product and prices in the quote, as long as the quote has not been confirmed with you.

4. Quotes and estimates shall be deemed to correctly interpret the original specifications and are based on the cost at the time the quote or estimate is given. If you later require any changes to the quotes, and we agree to the changes, these changes will be charged at our prevailing rate.

5. Once the quote has been confirmed and converted to an order, the order will be subjected to our normal terms.

6. The general minimum turn around time for a quote request is usually 24 hours. In the event that a quote is required urgently please let us know so that we can respond to it accordingly.
7. When a special price or discount offer has been applied to this quote, no other special promotion, discount or bonus offer will be applicable.

8. In the event that products in the quote are subjected to any price and supply fluctuation that is outside of our control we reserve the right to update the price and product in the quote accordingly. If a product has undergone a price drop or a price increase, the quote will then be adjusted accordingly. If there is a product that is no longer available, the product will then be replaced or substituted based on customer's request and is subject to their final approval.

9. Price on non stocked products are subjected to price and stock fluctuations and can only be confirmed once the quote is turned into an order. While we endeavour to honour every prices quoted, if there is a price increase that is beyond our control, we reserve the right to increase the price as necessary.

10. Once a quote has already passed the expired date, ICT Network Solutions may cancel the quote or estimate without having to notify or receive an approval from customer. We appreciate it if customer could let us know if they no longer require the quote by email or by letting us know via correspondence in the quote.

11. While we do our best to give you the recommendations and compatibility information, our answers is limited by the information that is provided to us and sometimes we may not be able to completely give you the full answer to all the questions as we are limited to only what we know or what we can find out. Human errors are also still possible and in this instance we take responsibility and will always work out the best solution for customer to correct the situation.

12. ETA information is exactly just an estimate given by our vendors and can not be hold as the actual promised date.

13. Any discounts given on the quote are usually worked out based on the overall quote amount, if there's any significant changes to the overal quote amount, the discount may also be changed to reflect it.

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